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Chauvin Arnoux C.A 8230 Power Quality Analyser

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Chauvin Arnoux C.A 8230 Power Quality Analyser

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The C.A 8230 single-phase or balanced three-phase power analyser is economical and extremely easy to use. Ideal for on-site or bench-top use, the C.A 8230 is equipped with direct access to its various functions, it also provides greater safety by automatically recognising the type of sensor connected. 
Providing you with all the power measurements you need, it will enable you to measure and qualify your electrical network harmonics. An Inrush mode for starter currents will show your waveform in detail during several seconds. The C.A 8230 has a recording mode and a trigger mode for alarms.


  • Voltage range: 6 V RMS to 600 V RMS AC+DC

  • AC current range: 5 mA to 6,500 A

  • DC current range: 1 A to 1,700 A

  • Values: Min, Max, Avg, Peak (+ and -), CF

  • Power values: W, VA, var, DF, THD, cos φ, tan φ

  • Energy: Wh, VAh, varh

  • Harmonics: up to the 50th order

  • Inrush waveform: 18 s

  • IEC 61010 CAT III - 600V

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  • Electrical network power analyser
  • Harmonic decomposition
  • Trend recorder
  • Alarm capture
  • Inrush current

The C.A 8230 is can be used with Chauvin Arnoux's (Power Analyser Transfer) software for processing the measurements on a PC (display, analysis, etc). The software is available free of charge here..  

The PAT software is a tool for:

  • Configuring the instruments,
  • Downloading and viewing the data stored in the memory,
  • Performing instantaneous acquisition operations,
  • Displaying the data as a table or graph,
  • Exporting the measurement data into DataView (*.dvb files) or into a spreadsheet.  

Additional Information


C.A 8230

  • Large colour VGA (320 X 240 pixels) graphical display
  • Power measurement up to 250kW (dependant on clamp selection)
  • 600V rms and up to 6,500A (with clamp)
  • Harmonics (IEC 1000-4-7) display up to 50th order
  • MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, PEAK and Crest Factor display
  • W, VA, VAR power, DF, THD, Cos
  • Short term voltage flicker calculation
  • Recording, time stamping, and characterisation of disturbances including voltage overloads, brown- and blackouts, overshooting of powers and harmonic thresholds
  • Calculation of the K factor for the current in transformer applications
  • Personalised alarm settings enable up to 4096 events to be captured.
  • Simultaneous recording of all parameters, alarms and motor start up currents.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • RS232 direct output to PC
  • CA8230: includes Dataviewer® software enabling screenshot capture; histogram or curve representations,; average value of numerous parameters according to time; management & log of measurement campaigns & report printing
  • Select AC current probes separately :-
  • Ampflex A193: 10 to 6500Aac (10Hz to 20kHz) 450mm long flexible probe

MN93A: 0.2 to 120Aac (40Hz to 10kHz): Jaw size 20mm dia.

Voltage range 6 VRMS to 600 VRMS AC+DC ±(0.5%+2pts)
AC current range 5mA to 6500 A ±(0.5%+1pts)
DC current range 1 A to 1700 A ±(1%+1pts)
Fundamental frequency 40 Hz to 70 Hz
Harmonics (IEC 1000-4-7) Up to 50th order
Recordings Up to several days
Alarms 4096
Flicker PST (IEC 1000-4-15) Yes
Phase rotation Yes, with display of phase order in three-phase
IEC 61010-1 600 V, Cat. III

Supplied with

Carrying case, 6 off 1.2V rechargeable batteries, test leads, 4mm test probes, crocodile clips, UK mains adaptor, RS232/USB optical cable, Dataviewer® software and instructions.




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