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Data logger USB cradle software and start magnet

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Data logger USB cradle software and start magnet

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Contral - Official Distributor

Data logger USB cradle (293-804), software and start magnet.

  • supplied with ThermaData logger PC software

  • essential for all Mk2 ThermaData loggers

  • one metre PVC lead



This data logger cradle or dock is supplied complete with ThermaData Studio PC software and a start magnet. Each USB cradle is supplied with a one metre PVC lead.

The ThermaData logger is connected to a PC via the USB cradle. By clicking the relevant icon the data can be downloaded and displayed either as a graph, table or summary. The information can be analysed by zooming in, storing to disc or exporting as a text (.txt) file to other software packages.

ThermaData® Studio PC software

ThermaData Studio Software is compatible with all the ThermaData Logger models, including wireless. The software is both powerful yet user-friendly, enabling temperature data to be organised and analysed to provide management information.

The ThermaData Studio Software has the ability to display up to 32 traces on a graph, the trace colours are user selectable. All files can be viewed as thumbnail icons for easy identification. The software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (0.1 to 255 minutes), the real-time clock, °C or °F, delayed start (maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes) or select a manual start option. It is also possible to include a 32-character user ID for each logger.

By selecting continuous logging in the software options, it is possible to start the ThermaData Logger only once and never have to reset its parameters again, even if downloaded regularly. Unlike many loggers, the ThermaData Loggers will continue recording during and after downloading the data.

The ThermaData Studio Software features the facility to send a SMS text message, up to four numbers simultaneously from your computer, when alarm limits have been exceeded. This allows the user to receive timely alarm information which may be critical to their business.


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