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Raytek Endurance IR Temperature Transmitter

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Raytek Endurance IR Temperature Transmitter

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Two colour infra-red thermometer - Raytek Endurance

Dual wavelength high temperature infra red thermometer with innovative sighting options including video and measuring temperatures from 550C to 3200C. 

  • RL range 600-1800C with accuracy 0.5% +/-2C

  • Repeatability +/-0.3C

  • One or two colour operation

  • SS housing and complete hardware accessory suite for installation

  • Response time programmable to 10 msec

  • Optics 100:1  and focus 600mm to infinity [standard] CF optional

  • PC networking up to 32 units with analytics and data logging - WEBSERVER



The Raytek Endurance released under the new brand Fluke Process Instruments is the latest release from that company and targets metals, ceramics and carbon as well as silicon crystal production. It has three sighting options - Video camera with sighting reticule, visual sighting, laser sight and LED sight where the real target area is illuminated. The unit is manually focused, and the video image is transmitted on an ethernet link. New software for the connected PC is a webs server for sharing process data. New SPOTSCAN accessory to convert single point IR sensors to line scanners for monitoring targets such as strips, or wire with peak hold function - scan rate and angle adjustable - see separate product listing


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  • Wide temperature range: 550 to 3200 °C (1022 to 5792 °F)
  • Sighting options: Laser through the lens and Visible through the lens - Manual Variable focus o Video Camera through the lens and Visible through the lens - Manual Variable focus o LED through the lens and Visible through the lens - Manual Variable focus
  • Superior optical resolution to 150:1
  • Ethernet interface option (Provides access to PoE ASCII, Ethernet, Video, and Webserver)
  • Profinet Interface option
  • Programmable relay output
  • Fail safe alarm
  • Isolated analog output
  • Ambient temperatures to 315 °C (600 °F) with ThermoJacketenclosure
  • Rugged stainless steel housing, IP65 (NEMA 4) rated
  • Unique “dirty window” alarm
  • Endurance software for remote configuration and monitoring
  • Endurance field calibration software
  • One or two color operation Measurement Specifications Temperature Range E1RL 600 to 1800 °C (1112 to 3272 °F)

(2 color mode) 550 to 1800 °C (1022 to 3272 °F) (single color mode) E1RH 1000 to 3200 °C (1832 to 5792 °F)

Spectral Response 1.0 μm nominal (Si/Si layered detector)

System Accuracy ± (0.5% Tmeasured + 2°C),Tmeas in °C

Repeatability ±0.3% of temperature span Temperature

Resolution 0.1°C

Response Time 10 ms (95%)

Emissivity 0.10 to 1.10 in 0.01 increments (one-color)

Slope 0.850 to 1.150 in 0.001 increments (two-color)

Signal Processing Peak hold, averaging User Interface

Electrical Specifications

Outputs Ethernet, Profinet 0/4-20 mA, max. load: 500  RS485 full duplex, networkable Relay, 48 V, 300 mA, response time < 2 ms Power Supply 18 to 48 VDC, 500 mA Power over Ethernet (PoE)

General Specifications

Environmental Rating IP65 (IEC529) / NEMA-4 Ambient Temperature without cooling 0 to 65 °C (32 to 149 °F) with air cooling 0 to 120 °C (32 to 250 °F) with water cooling 0 to 175 °C (32 to 350 °F) with ThermoJacket 0 to 315 °C (32 to 600 °F)

Storage Temperature -20 to 70 °C (68 to 158 °F) Relative Humidity 10 to 95%, non-condensing Shock IEC 68-2-27 Vibration IEC 68-2-6 Weight Optical head 1200 g (42 oz) With air/water cooled housing 2460 g (87 oz)

Optical Specifications

Optical Resolution D : S1 E1RLF1 100 : 1 E1RHF1 150 : 1 Focus Distance Close Focus F1 300 – 600 mm (12 - 24”) - Manual Variable Focus Standard Focus F2 600 mm - ∞ (24” - ∞) Manual Variable Focus Smallest Spot Size2 E1RLF1 3 mm (.12“) E1RLF2 6 mm (.24“) E1RHF1 2 mm (.08“) E1RHF2 4 mm (.16“) 1 at 95% energy, D: Distance between sensor and object, S: diameter of spot size 2 typical values at minimum focus distance, SF = Standard Focus, CF = Close Focus Options

Options must be specified at time of order.

  • Water-cooled housing, including air purge collar
  • Profinet communications SpotScan Accessory (SPA or SPB)

Fluke Process Instruments Guarantee The Endurance Series is supported by a 4 year warranty. 


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