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West N8840 1/8DIN (48 x 96mm) Profiler Temperature / Process Controller

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West N8840 1/8DIN (48 x 96mm) Profiler Temperature / Process Controller

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The 8840 single loop profiler, provides advanced process control for demanding applications. It provides up to 16 programs with 16 segments each and 4 control (event) tracks. Control is a choice of simple 2-point (on/off) control, continuous PID control or 3 point stepping control (valve motor drive /VMD).

*** If you are looking for a direct replacement for your existing West N8840, just phone or email us by completing Contact Us under the Contact Tab, with the configuration code (N8840-XXXXXXXXX where X represents a number or letter) found on the controller's label and we will do the rest ***


West N8840

The process value signal is connected via a universal input. A supplementary analog input can be used for heater current measurement, as an external setpoint input or for position feedback measurement of motorised stepping controllers. The optional 3rd input is a universal input that can be used for several functions e.g. temperature dependant setpoint correction or differential control.

The 8840 comes fitted with 4 process outputs – either relays or up to 2 universal outputs that can be used for operating a solid state relay, linear current/voltage output or to power a two-wire transmitter. Optionally there are two additional optocoupler outputs.


Additional Information

Product Category: Single Loop controller
Dimensions and size: 96mm x 48mm x 118mm (HxWxD), 1/8 DIN
Primary Input Type: Universal (TC, RTD, DC linear V, DC Linear mA/mV)
Other Inputs: Remote setpoint
Output Type: Relay, SSR, DC Linear, Triac, Transmitter PSU
Max. Number of Outputs: 6
Number of Control Loops: Single
Control Type: PID, ON/OFF, TPSC/VMD, Retransmission output
Max. Number of Alarms: 2
Power Supply:


20.4-26.4 VAC / 18-31VDC

Communications: RS 485 Communications
Panel Sealing: IP65
Certifications: CE, UL
Software Tools: N8800/N8840 Configurator Software

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